About Peggy

Peggy has lived in Abington all her life, graduated Abington High School in 1972, grew up in Meadowbrook, and attended Overlook Elementary.

Peggy lives in the Twin Brooks community with her husband Roger for 23 years.  Roger is the manager of the Willow Grove VFW and proud Veteran.

Peggy worked for State Representative Ellen Bard for 10 years and has spent the last 4 years with Abington's PAL organization, serving as it's director of fundraising and event planning.  Peggy is responsible for finding unique ways for PAL to find sufficient funding needed for the organization's continued growth.  The success of PAL's International Food Festival is partially due to the leadership and dedication of Peggy to her community.

Peggy is also a Board Member of the Willow Grove Chamber of Commerce, and active member of Abington's C.A.P.T. program, as well as the 24 hour Relay.

In short, Peggy has dedicated her entire life to serving the residents of Abington Township, and specifically ward 8.


Below is video of Peggy's recent appearance on Abington News and Views

 Peggy and Roger Myers